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Articles and Papers

Amazing Spaces – Inside The Upper Deck

Audio Media International, February 2019

The Upper Deck – Prosound Article

Prosound, December 2018

Mix Class of 2018 – Hottest New Studios Worldwide

Mix Magazine, June 2018

Mix Class of 2017 – Hottest New Studios

Mix Magazine, June 2017

Mix Class of 2016 – Worlds Finest in Studio Design

Mix Magazine, June 2016

Sound on Sound Magazine – The Elephant in the Control Room

Sound on Sound, November 2015

Tatz Helpful Article – Audio Media International

Audio Media International, September 2015

Mix Class of 2015 - World's Coolest New Studios

Mix Magazine, June 2015

Mix Class of 2014 - Hottest New Studios

Mix Magazine, June 2014

Carl Tatz-Designed Yellow Hammer Opens

Mix Magazine, May 2014

From a Distance

Prosound News, February 2014 by Jacques Sonyieux

MixRoom Monitoring Environment

SonicScoop, August 2013

Mix Class of 2013 - Middle Tennessee State University

Mix Magazine, June 2013

Soundscape Studios

Mix Magazine, June 2013

Mix Class of 2012 - The Year's Cutting-Edge Educational Facilities Issue

Mix Magazine, October 2012

Mix Class of 2012 - The Year's Finest Facilities Issue

Mix Magazine, June 2012

PhantomFocus™ System Review

PAR Magazine, October 2011

The Class of 2011: A Collection of This Year's Hottest New Studios

Mix Magazine, June 2011

Yes Master Rises Above

By Sarah Benzuly
Mix Magazine
, May 2011

Embracing Change

By Jeff Touzeau
Pro Sound News Magazine
, April 2011

Work And Play In The Same Place

By Dan Daley
Residential Systems Magazine
, August 2010

Gaining Clarity Through PhantomFocus: An Acoustician’s Room-Tuning Enhancement Protocol

By Janice Brown
Sonic Scoop
, July 2010

The Class of 2010: This Year's Hottest New Studios

Mix Magazine, June 2010

Studio Showcase: Private, Commercial Merge at Verge

By Christopher Walsh
Pro Sound
, May 2010

Nashville Skyline

By Peter Cooper
Mix Magazine
, October 1, 2009

Small Room Design Interview

By Chris Walsh
Prosound News Interview

A Professional Look at Home Screening Rooms

Interview by Kelly Magill
Nashville Interiors, Vol. 8 2007-2008

The Small Studio Workshop

By Jeff Anderson
EQ Magazine, June 2007

Serious Sound

By Nancy Theoret
Robb Report Home Entertainment Magazine
Vol. 6 March/April 2005

Home Studio Epiphany: The PhantomFocus System™

By Carl Tatz

Dark Acoustic Mythology

By Carl Tatz

A Better View

Electronic House, May 2005

Calculated Home Screening Room

by Dan Daley
SystemsContractor News

CEDIA Award Entry

Creating a Cinematic Experience with Carl Tatz Design

By Lynette Ingram
Nashville Interiors, Vol. 6 2005-2006

Getting A "Grip"

By Frank Wells
Prosound News, Oct. 2006

Notables of Nashville: 2009 Edition

Silence Is Golden

By Dan Daley
Tech Living, May/June 2005

Star Tech

By Paul Griffith
Nashville Lifestyles, June 2006

True Acoustic Design

By Paul Griffith
Nashville Interiors, Vol. 6, 2006-2007

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