By Sarah Benzuly Mix Magazine May 2011

After 10 months, Nashville’s Yes Master Studios is up and running. In the aftermath of the devastating flood that deluged most of Nashville last May, the studio had to be de-molded; carpet, drywall and insulation removed; and the stud walls sprayed down with anti-mold solution so that studio owner Jim DeMain could bring the room back to spec. Part of the restoration included rebuilding the mastering suite’s floating floor and sub enclosures, replacing the drywall iso layers and more. The lounge was moved to accommodate Studio B’s expansion. “We were able to make improvements, bumping up the seven-year-old design by modifying the front wall acoustically and aesthetically,” says studio designer Carl Tatz. “By far the single biggest event was replacing the early design Phantom Focus Systemwith the latest technology. It’s absolutely stunning.” DeMain says, “I took the new Vince Gill CD I’ve been working on in my temporary space and put it up on Carl’s new system. I was able to hear details and nuances that I never knew existed, and the low-end definition and extension are insane. I took those new tweaks out to the car, and I’m convinced that this is the best work I’ve ever done.” Adds Tatz, “While virtually no one else had flood insurance, Jim had Joe Monterello’s Studio Insurance Program, which has a special provision for any type of water damage to cover the restoration and gear loss costs.”