The Panic Room II is the steroidial version of the original Panic Room designed for Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts. The initial primary consideration of this basement level studio was that it had to be sonically isolated from the master bedroom above. Not only that but in its new incarnation, large main monitors were to be flush mounted in the front wall as part of a very powerful PhantomFocus System™ One – Dual. CTD designed a complex multi-layer ceiling structure using a custom barrier protocol that allowed 110dB sound levels from 80Hz down to 17Hz to be barely audible in the bedroom above. A custom desk was designed to house a new SSL AWS Plus console and a large array of outboard gear. The tracking room with a high ceiling utilizes custom acoustic treatments along with diffusive elements from Auralex and RPG. Two adjacent ISO booths flank the tracking room and are separated by a glass wall.