Crane Song studio is the third CTD studio designed for Multi GRAMMY®-Winning songwriter Monty Powell and jazz artist Anna Wilson, the second of which was the 2012 TEC Award Nominee and Mix Magazine Class of 2012 Award Winner. This time they expanded their recording facilities to their Utah mountain home. Nestled between two popular ski areas, the studio features the TEC Award-Winning MixRoom™ technology with the acclaimed PhantomFocus™ System (PFS™) utilizing a custom application of the Carl Tatz Signature Series™ by Auralex® family of control room acoustic modules. Studio furniture was provided by Argosy Console. The layout also includes an iso booth and guitar foyer. Because of the unusual spatial footprint available, careful attention was required to insure both ergonomic and acoustic integrity allowing the PFS to do its muscular work with stunning results.